adventure racing in the Pacific Northwest  
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Welcome to Trioba Adventure Racing

trekkingWe are the oldest and toughest adventure race in the Pacific Northwest. Our races take place around Washington State within driving distance of Seattle, Portland Oregon, and Vancouver BC.

What makes Trioba successful is our commitment to creating well-designed races in the beautiful forests of the Pacific Northwest—races that are safe, competitive, and fun. And although they're fun and family-oriented, our events will also challenge the limits of your mental and physical endurance. When you complete a Trioba event, you'll know you've achieved something great.

mountain bikingAdventure Racing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. While a large part of being successful depends on physical endurance, orienteering skills, teamwork, and good judgment also play important roles. Adventure racing pushes your mental and physical abilities off pavement in the beautiful wild lands of Washington and Oregon.

Join mountain bikers, trail runners, triathletes, and other outdoor adventurers, including both elite and casual athletes, who are making the cross-over to adventure racing. Be warned: this sport is highly addictive!

Eager to try adventure racing but not sure you have what it takes?

You might be surprised to discover that adventure racing is less about being fast and more about the ability to work well as a team. This is why people of all athletic abilities do well in our races. Anybody with basic athletic skills can participate in our sprint race. Our 24-hr race requires training and preparation to succeed and be safe.

reading a mapCheck the Community page for links to all sorts of races and web forums where you can ask questions and get to know other people interested in adventure racing.

Our Events page lists our classes, where you can learn more about the sport in person.

Our FAQ page has answers to many common questions about adventure racing.

And finally, a great way to learn about the sport is to volunteer and watch a race close up.